Futuristic Dumpster Rental

Trash and recycle dumpster has come a long way. Although a lot of us maybe still use the basic cylindrical waste basket design used for many years now, there are so many futuristic options out there. From recycle dumpsters that have full-fledge built-in computers to garbage cans that have onboard vacuum cleaners, Sell my house fast garbage dumpsters now have technology that we would never have imagined 20 years ago. This is a way of applying aesthetics before your garbage is hauled by a dumpster rental company.

Ovetto Recycling Dumpster

The egg-shaped contraption designed by Italian designer Gianluca Soldi looks like something from a Star Wars movie. This features 3 separate color-coded compartments to make recycling a lot more organized. See Dumpster Rentals for more info.

Eva Solo Dumpster

While this sort of resembles an “old school” style trashcan, the Eva Solo Dumpster is anything but old school. The stainless steel look is very enticing, but the true innovation is in the lid. The lid balances on top of the dumpster with no hinges, so it can open from any side. The rubber bag liner is easy to replace too. This is a great example of simple but effective design.


The e-Dumpster is an electronic recycling dumpster that features touchscreen technology which knows when it is full and tells you where the next closest e-Dumpster is located. It also informs the recycling company to come empty it. It uses solar power for it to operate and it is made from tough, lightweight carbon fiber material, so it is ideal for indoor and outdoor use.

Renew Recycling Dumpsters

Already a common sight in London’s city streets, Renew Recycling construction dumpster rental in Toledo. These innovative recycle dumpsters feature dedicated slots for newspaper waste and bottles/cans, and are built so well that they are actually impervious to Sell my house fast. These recycle dumpsters also feature LCD screens that display news, local weather, and subway status information. Not surprisingly, every one of these recycle dumpsters is quite expensive. The city spends $47,000 for every unit.


The minus is so unlike any trashcan in the market. It works by chilling the garbage to get rid of odors and stop growth of bacteria. The cool blue lighting on the lid of the contraption is engineered to eliminate and stop bacteria, as the cooler grills along the inner walls of the trashcan to keep the garbage cold. The temperature is fully adjustable and is powered by a tiny electrical engine at the bottom of the dumpster. The Minus is really futuristic and really looks cool, but whether or not it works as advertised is debatable.

The Dumpster

The Dumpster is a really cool-looking trash dumpster which offers functionality far beyond what is delivered by your old waste dumpster. The Dumpster has a built-in powered sweeper which stays hidden inside the body of the trashcan until it is pulled out and used to clean the floor. Once the sweeping is done, just mount it back to its slot on the Dumpster. Above all, the Dumpster automatically cleans out the sweeper once remounted and recharges so that it is ready for next time. Visit: prioritywaste.com

Design by OMC

OMC Design Studios is a product design and consultancy firm based in Italy. It has made a lot of awesome trash dumpster, designs which look more like works of art rather than trashcans.


Recognized as the “thinnest and lightest” garbage can in the world, the Flexidumpster is designed from a single piece of thin metal molded to form the basic contour of a trashcan. It is a great choice for anybody that has a minimalist design sense.

Recycling Garbage Dump

This design is created by Miren Arrieta-Odria, a designer and engineer living in Spain, the Recycling Garbage Dump is designed for those living in small apartments or homes with limited space. This design allows you to separate different kinds of recyclables while taking up very little floor space. The vertically designed recycle dumpster features four compartments stacked on top of each other. Every color is coded and easily removable. It is a great design which is both smart and simple.

The Cuum

The Cuum as in vacuum mixes the functionality of a dustdumpster with that of a vacuum. It looks like an average trashcan, with the exception of the power cord. However, the Cuum features a small electric motor in the bottom of the dumpster which sucks up dirt, filters the dust, and neatly tucks everything away in the dumpster.